how is everyone's mood....?

.. now that BV3 doesn't have a label.....

I hope they find something soon.. I want the new album already *lol* and a tour. I've never seen them live of course - I live in Poland...... grr

and I was so happy to find this community today.. and pfff - no one posts here anyway:P
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my bran van experience

so i go to a bran van 3000 concert shortly after the US version of Glee came out...i only had the canadian version at the time though.

so i'm watching the opening band and there's like, maybe 10 people standing around the dance floor, everyone else is at the bar or not there yet...

there's this hot girl standing next to me, and i think i recognize her from school or something, so i keep looking over at her trying to remember where exactly i know her from, but it's not coming to me. so i think she notices me looking at her, and so she's kinda looking back at me, and i think we were kinda flirting (which is not an usual thing for me think, but i swear dude, it was on!). of course, i don't flirt though, but i do ask my wife if she remembers this gal at all, but she doesn't.

so then, later that evening, bran van is getting on stage, and of course, up she goes. and i'm like "oh shit! she was standing next to me that whole time!".

anyway, after the best show i've ever seen (you try squeezing in 13 people on the club congress stage), some of the bran van crew hangs out afterwards because they're staying at the congress hotel, and we kick back a few drinks with them, and of course, they were super cool.

so if you get the chance to go to one of their shows...don't miss it.

loop me

I see why this can be addicting. Loop me. Loop backwards is Pool, and my mom is getting on my ass to clean the pool now. Calm down mom!
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Welcome to BV3K Vision Beta

Just updated the style...forgive me for some of the issues it's having. This is the first time i've looked into the style code...and it's kinda weird, so there are some things here that wont work right currently. please comment on any problems you have (though, at the time i wrote this, i noted that you can't actually read any of the comments, only post them...that should be fixed before you read this).


currently addicted to "Loop Me".

i'm starting to think there's something wrong with me...can't listen to anything else but this disc...
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astounded is a beautiful song. i've come to realize, however, that the whole song is all just leading up to 5:39 to 5:42. when i listen, i'm just waiting for that.
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