#2 Dad (xevinx) wrote in bv3k_anonymous,
#2 Dad

Welcome to BV3K Vision Beta

Just updated the style...forgive me for some of the issues it's having. This is the first time i've looked into the style code...and it's kinda weird, so there are some things here that wont work right currently. please comment on any problems you have (though, at the time i wrote this, i noted that you can't actually read any of the comments, only post them...that should be fixed before you read this).

  • unreleased bv3k tracks

    just saw these on the bv3k site. previously unreleased tracks that didn't make discosis. Bran Van 3000 - Ginger Bran Van 3000 - Knabber Knossi…

  • how is everyone's mood....?

    .. now that BV3 doesn't have a label..... I hope they find something soon.. I want the new album already *lol* and a tour. I've never seen them…

  • Finally...

    I finally heard the 2-step remix of Astounded (thank you dstep). If you're at all into 2-step/UK Garage check it out. It's tight yo.

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